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Welcome to the Birnbeck Regeneration Trust's website !


Update III - the producer has sent us an email apologising for the piece not being aired, also informing us that it will be rescheduled to be shown at a later date once this has been internally agreed upon. We will keep you posted.

Update II - many apologies to all concerned - we were told as of 5pm tonight it was still on the schedule to be aired. We are awaiting a reply from the show to see when it has been rescheduled to be shown.

Update I - it appears that previously notified content of tonight's One Show has been adjusted, now omitting the piece about Birnbeck.

The Trust has great pleasure in announcing the BBC’s One Show is due to run a short film about the history of Birnbeck Pier during their Monday evening (11 February 2019) broadcast at 7pm on BBC1. The Trust and its volunteers were involved in supporting the filming over a period of a week in 2018.

One Show Logo

This is an opportunity to highlight our pier’s plight to the nation and something the Trust has been working toward for the past few years.

We would like to thank Sabet Choudhury of the BBC for working with the Trust to produce and promote the film. It's clearly a very challenging task to save a site like Birnbeck, especially with the added ownership complexities. We are continuing to work with the relevant bodies and are very optimistic about the future of the Birnbeck site. History and heritage have always been at the heart of the UK, especially where our engineering excellence has stood the test of time. Birnbeck was designed by the man known as 'King Pier' - Britain's most prolific pier designer, Eugenius Birch.

Birnbeck Pier is one of a kind. Unique in the world in fact, as it is the only pier that connects the mainland to an island, and has done so for over 150 years.

We at the Birnbeck Regeneration Trust would be delighted to hear from people who would be willing to share their stories and photos of Birnbeck to add to our archive. These we use in the education and history recording elements of our work. We cannot do this on our own and welcome assistance from others who would like to offer support to the Birnbeck Regeneration Trust; perhaps with publicity, financial advice, technical assistance or volunteering at our 'Pier View' information centre next to the pier. Birnbeck does have a future - but only if others want to help save it. Be a part of the project in order to protect the pier’s future for the generations that follow. We thank you for your time and concern for Birnbeck; please follow this link to make contact:


Birnbeck Island





Birnbeck Pier, known locally as the Old Pier, stands on the North Somerset coastline at Weston-super-Mare. Built between 1864 and 1867, it is a unique structure, being the only British seaside pier that links the mainland to an island. Over its lifetime it has enjoyed mixed fortunes. In its heyday, it was the Victorian and then Edwardian equivalent of a modern theme-park, with tourist attractions such as a water slide and fairground rides. It was a major transportation link, with scheduled steam ship services arriving from and departing to destinations including Cardiff, Minehead, Ilfracombe and Lundy Island.

The last of these sailings, by the MV Balmoral, took place in 1979. Since then, the pier has suffered a slow and steady decline in both popular attraction as well as in its general condition. Its ownership has changed a number of times, with various multi-million pound development plans being proposed on each occasion. None of these large-scale and perhaps overambitious modernisation schemes have ever come to fruition. The Birnbeck Regeneration Trust seeks a regenerated and expandable island complex, with a mix of old and new - aimed at giving the island a commercially viable future.

The Trust has long campaigned for a revival of the entire Birnbeck area. Since 2004, it has actively worked towards achieving its stated aim of:

Preserving for the benefit of the people of Weston-super-Mare, and the Nation, the natural, historical, architectural and constructional heritage of Birnbeck Pier and Island, together with associated buildings and structures, and the land and buildings adjacent and above the shoreline.

As of early-2019, the Trust is still working hard to bring key stakeholders together to form a new partnership aimed specifically at bringing the urgently necessary conservation-based restoration and regeneration of Birnbeck Pier and its island to a long-overdue and successful conclusion.

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We now have a webcam set up overlooking Birnbeck Island. Please view it in full size on our webcam page.

Birnbeck Aerial Views

We have now embedded a number of YouTube videos featuring aerial (radio-controlled drone) footage of Birnbeck Pier and Island. You can view them here.

Our Facebook Page

We have a community page on Facebook for public comment and feedback about the Trust's activities. Please engage with us there and inform us of your views about both Birnbeck Pier and the project itself.

Our Birnbeck Team

We have now established a new body of Trustees by a process of nomination and election, and have assembled an expanded team of willing volunteers to help with our fundraising efforts in conjunction with our sister organisation, the Friends of the Old Pier Society. The names and positions of our present Trustees are listed here.

Your Questions?

We have prepared a set of answers to a number of frequently asked questions which regularly feature on social media websites and in local news publications. You can read them here on our FAQ page.

Additional Information

Links to third-party websites with content of interest relating to Birnbeck Pier and Island are listed on our Further Information Page.


These are the first of our 2019 events:




Saturday 16th February 2019 at the W-s-M Working Men's Club, Orchard Street St, W-s-M - £10 per person - including a fish (or chicken) and chip supper. For tickets or more details please call Rose on 07597807008.



Spring Fair

To be held on Saturday 13th April 2019 at the Boulevard United Reformed Church, Waterloo St, W-s-M. Refreshments available. For more details or to book a table please call Rose on 07597807008.

A tale of Birnbeck...

Please click here to read Paul Stephens' Birnbeck short story 'On the Island'.

Just for Fun

Do you have a few spare minutes? Have a go at our online 'Birnbeck Pier in its heyday' jigsaw puzzle!

How to find Us:

Our Pier View Information Centre is normally open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays - 10.00 AM to 4.30 PM - (Summer Hours) weather permitting.

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Please see our full range of fundraising/souvenir items - available from Pier View or by mail order!

Project Development

Please see our Project News Page for all our latest news and updates. As this project advances, we will publish details on a stage-by-stage basis. We intend to utilise local media outlets to help advance the campaign. Please bookmark this website in your browser for easier future access.


We have an ever-present need to increase the size of our team of volunteers to assist with all of our fund-raising and other activities. If you have time to spare, and would like to help the project move onwards and upwards towards its eventual ambition of saving Birnbeck Pier, please contact us via this page.

Our Supporters

A number of individuals and organisations have supported the Trust in various ways. We thank them and have added their names to this page.


The campaign administrative team are already exploring multiple ways of raising the necessary funds to move the project forwards. Cooperative public and business support will be vital for the success of the project. Please contact us if you believe that you can help us in any meaningful way.

Please donate and help us save Birnbeck Pier:

The Birnbeck Regeneration Trust is entirely dependant on public support to be able to advance this project. We are currently fundraising, in conjunction with the Friends of the Old Pier Society, to enable us to commission an externally-conducted feasibility study and an up-to-date structural survey of the Birnbeck structures and buildings. Both of these exercises are necessary preliminary requirements for the progression of the Heritage Lottery Fund application process, which we intend to advance as soon as is practically possible. We also need donations to help us meet our operational costs.

Birnbeck Concept

(A conceptual vision of how Birnbeck Island might look in the future.)

You can donate any amount, large or small, via text message:

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Or directly from here via Paypal:

You can also donate at our Pier View Information Centre. Please also see our Fundraising page for details of our various Donation and Sponsorship packages.

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The Birnbeck Regeneration Trust is partnered and supported by:


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Our Major Project Contributors and Supporters:

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Please also see our Supporters Page for a full list of links for all of our various benefactors,
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